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Download Cute CUT Mod APK - For those of you who’re looking for a quick and effective video editor app on your mobile devices, Cute CUT should be worth considering. And more importantly, for a more professional editing experience, you’ll also find the app offering its unique Hollywood-style editing functionality, allowing Android users to immerse themselves in their creative works fully.

Here, you can enjoy the powerful and convenient video editor with all the standard features that all users can quickly get used to. And at the same time, feel free to explore the fantastic in-app visual experiences and effects, which are only available in Cute CUT. Learn the unique art of creating videos with Cute CUT and attempt to elevate your footage whenever possible.

Before downloading Cute CUT Mod APK Pro Unlocked, Let's learn more about the fantastic android app with Apkrealm reviews.

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What is Cute CUT?

Regardless of those recorded from your device’s camera or videos already available in your storage, Cute CUT will allow Android users to quickly and effectively edit their videos. Here, you can access many valuable and practical features for editing your videos and improving the overall visual experiences from your captured footage.

And most importantly, with the intuitive interfaces and accessible touch controls, you can now easily customize your videos and make multiple edits with little problems. Feel free to explore the app's massive visual effects and filters to create unique combinations with your videos. Enjoy your Cute CUT experiences and unlock unique in-app experiences whenever you want.

And unlike Alight Motion or VivaCut, which support a more familiar and daily editing experience of your videos, Cute CUT will allow Android users to enjoy their fantastic movie-making experiences in the app. With tons of supporting features, you can explore Hollywood-styled movies created with your smartphone.


Well, now let's find out all the great features of this app:

Enjoy the friendly UI with accessible features

To start with, Android users in Cute CUT will find themselves having access to the simple and accessible UI in their video editor. Feel free to dive into the available features and quickly change the videos however you want. Explore the simple drag-and-drop controls to select and arrange specific media segments easily.

Also, the Multi-layer Timeline Video Editing feature will allow Android users to immerse themselves in the in-app experiences fully. Choose whichever media material you want to add to the videos and have them intuitively displayed on the timeline editor. This will make it extremely easy for Android users to make further editing options.

And with the intuitive bookshelf-style organizer, you can easily see and rewatch any of your previously created movies. Use them as your new editing materials or delete them to complete space for your new records. Plus, with both the landscape and portrait modes being supported, Android users in Cute CUT can enjoy their in-app experiences to the fullest.

Adding different types of media to your movie projects

For those interested in the art of making movies, with Cute CUT, you’re allowed to use all the available media files on your mobile devices to create your final edits. These include videos, photos, self-drawn images, exciting texts, compelling music, and engaging voices. This will allow Android users to immerse themselves in the experiences fully. You can either use the editing materials available in the app or load up your sound and video files. Then, have fun drawing your images onto the movies and more.

Customize the resolutions to fit your videos better

To allow users to create their professional movies, Cute CUT also offers customizable video resolutions that you can use fully. Feel free to change your aspect ratio from standard HD (16:9), SD (4:3) to even square and portrait mode. In addition, in-depth video customizations and personalization will allow users to export their preferred video preferences to suit the targeted audiences better.

Create the exciting PIP movies

For those interested, Cute CUT now offers unique PIP movies, allowing you to place one movie atop another easily. Or have fun editing multiple images into your videos and adjusting them to suit your specific preferences better. So enjoy the complete experiences with the videos and create your incredible movies.

Explore the fantastic drawing experiences directly on your movies

To make the app stand out from the others, Android users in Cute CUT can also create their beautiful drawings directly on top of the movies. Here, you can use the built-in drawing tools with more than 30 different options. Use the advanced brushes and enjoy the varied video effects with incredible visual experiences.

Interesting transitions for the clips

And to further improve the overall image and visual quality in Cute CUT, Android users will also find themselves enjoying the interesting transitions in their videos and pictures. Here, you can use the available changes to create unique and exciting visual effects with your videos. Thus, allowing the viewers to be fully immersed in their in-app experiences.

For those interested, you can also explore the highly customizable transition options, making it much easier to personalize your 20+ pre-defined transitions. Hence, you’re free to enjoy the different options of Transparency, Border, Shadow, Corner, Transform, and so on, each offering a unique visual experience.

Tons of interesting visual effects to make use of

And most importantly, for those of you who’re interested, you can now make use of dozens of different visual effects that are available in Cute CUT. Here, you can enjoy the unique texture, gradient, and many exciting visual effects to put inside your videos. Enjoy the intuitive multi-layer timeline edit to apply easily and set up the different effects.

Feel free to export and share your movies

And, of course, with your videos being completed, you can easily export to whichever resolution and dimension you want. Feel free to share and show them off to your friends on YouTube or Facebook. Let them enjoy the professional-graded movies that you’ve just created with a single smartphone app.

Learn the art of video editing with many tutorials and walkthroughs

Also, to allow Android users to enjoy their video-editing experiences, even more, it’s also possible for you to learn the art of video editing with the available guides and instructions in Cute CUT. Here, you can quickly explore and use the available app features to create fantastic designs. So don’t hesitate to pick up free tutorials and video walkthroughs to learn the art of video editing quickly.

Capture artistic footage with your device

For those interested in making films, you’ll also need camera shooting skills, along with that of the editing department. Hence, with its built-in camera app, Cute CUT will allow users to capture the footage and make records effectively. Explore the live filters and visual effects better to improve the overall visual impression from your videos. And always find yourself exploring new features as you progress.

Enjoy the unlocked app with our mod

Last but not least, if you’re interested in enjoying the full version of Cute CUT without making your in-app purchases, then it would be better for you to download and install our modified version of the game, which is now available on our website.

Just follow the instruction and have the Cute CUT Mod APK ready on your devices, and properly install it to begin to enjoy the utterly unlocked app. Then, get watermark-free movies whenever you need them. Record your videos for as long as possible. And altogether, remove annoying ads from your films.


You must only have a working Android device running Android 4.1 and above to use the app. You can enjoy the free app with many available features to create excellent videos here. Or make your subscriptions for the Pro version of Cute CUT and unlock even more features. Nonetheless, you’ll always find the app helpful in creating awesome videos.


Below you can download the Cute CUT Pro Unlocked Mod APK free from APK Realm.

Cute CUT Mod APK PRO Unlocked - 1
Cute CUT Mod APK PRO Unlocked - 2
Cute CUT Mod APK PRO Unlocked - 3

Additional Information

GenresVideo Players & Editors
DeveloperMobiVio Solutions
RequirementsAndroid 4.1+
Size33 MB
Update OnMay 8, 2020
MOD Info- PRO Unlocked


For movies enthusiast, you can now attempt to become a capable filmmaker with this excellent app of Cute CUT. Android users can customize and elevate their videos using unique in-app features. And at the same time, I also enjoy the in-depth Hollywood-styled effects, which are only available in the app. And, of course, with the free and fully unlocked app from our mod, you can enjoy Cute CUT to the fullest whenever possible, hassle-free.


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